Celebrating our Community



Real People–Real Help

The Orleans County United Way helped over 100 families find a safe place to live in the last 4 months.

Here is a Real Story:

Megan is a single mother of one child who is currently battling Cancer. Megan came to Community Action seeking assistance with a security deposit in order to move into an apartment. Megan only receives Child Support income. Megan would not have been able to pay for the deposit without assistance from the United Way Funds. Megan is now in a two bedroom apartment and is able to provide a stable environment for her son. 

Partner Agency/Program Community Stories: Meals on Wheels

Imagine for a minute that you are over the age of 60, you are home bound, disabled, chronically ill or have recently been discharged from the hospital. You are unable to meet your daily nutritional needs on your own and your support system (friends and/or family) is insufficient or non-existent.

This is where the, ever important, Arc of Genesee Orleans – Orleans County Meals on Wheels program excels!

Orleans County Meals on Wheels delivers lunches that are prepared in their Nutritional Program central kitchen based around a menu developed by registered dieticians. If needed, they will deliver two meals, so not only a sufficient lunch but a sufficient dinner is provided. But more important is the human contact made during these deliveries.

In 2016 over 41,000 meals were provided to area seniors, through Meals on Wheels. Roughly half of these seniors are living under the poverty level and will improve their nutritional intake as a result of these services. In addition, daily safety and wellness checks are provided for these seniors, especially those living alone or without a family support network. Unfortunately, in many of the homes receiving this service, this is the only daily contact the recipient is receiving.

Your support of the United Way of Orleans County allows us to continue our partnership with the Arc of Genesee Orleans, Orleans County Meals on Wheels program. Just with this program alone you are touching over 200 senior citizens in OUR community. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to many years of partnership to come.

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